A small big world in 600 km

Learn bombastic polish phrases, meet an Israeli on festival tour around Germany, survive a thunder storm, meet benign Bavarians, and listen to oriental music with some Bosnian junior gangsters while riding BMW, Porsche Cayenne & VW Touareg.

It takes you just one day or 600 km. And at the end Jonas will pick you up at the train station of Winterthur.


I´m not alone…

Lake at the morning

I burgled the open air swimming pool at six in the morning and crashed into a group of drunk teens.  They blustered around, celebrating their holidays. Fisherman sat on the other bank, covert, wafts of mist blurred the vision.

What the hell all this people doing on my lake at six in the morning?

100$ a day?

The NY Times Travel Blog advises 100$ a day as travel budget for south Asia. Come on guys. With 100 Bucks a day you´re not traveling you´re on holiday! I´ll aks Denelle, but I thinks it´s a huge budget. And if you have 4000$ left, stay for a looong time, after reading Frugal traveler.

small world

After some hours of a hitchhiking warm up I arrive in a beautiful café. I order a beer, ask for the wifi-password and get a deep look from the table besides.

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Brave cops of Switzerland

Brusque the cops arrived…and smiled. “Please leash the dog”, they asked very friendly in Swiss German, joked with the guys, explained: “This is a public park.”

A nice place to hang around. With births in aviaries, little fountains, a colorful castle. And two cops who don´t mind the spicy melange which is ready to use.

on the road

Rick mirrow truck hitchiking caferick.tk

A little exercise to get used to be traveler again: hitchhiking about 100 km on the autobahn.

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more travel literature

Kulturarena 09

As I said, for me the collection of traveling literature is more important than the routing itself.

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