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Miss music teacher of Winterthur

Your kids are wearing orange caps and combed haircuts. Standing around in a semicircle, some boys don´t know what do to with their hands. Moms & Dads are waiting beyond, on the other site of the pedestrian way, taking pictures, clapping hands after every song.

You´re  sitting on a electric piano, wearing a white blouse and so much passion in your eyes conducting your kids Vois sur ton chemin. You can´t read the music, turning your head around to cheer boys & girls with looks & props.

Miss music teacher, I catch one of your views, it´s a second too long till you turn your eyes down. I drop down the shades, you´re smiling at me with this choral of angels on your site. There is no other person around. Just you & me, and the back-round choir.

When the music is over, you turn on the light. I´m back on a promenade. Two hours later I´ll see a little wave of orange caps, holding ice cream in front of a coffee shop. You´re there, too, sitting with your parents like all your kids. And you smile when I pass by, Miss music teacher of Winterthur.



Last night in my loved Café Combo, looking around.

There are less dogs in the streets. The former dog masters are carrying pregnant bellies around. They are wrapped in shrill coloured suits. I know this models from marquees and from the 90s. Now it´s official: The fresh Prince of Bel Air Time is back.

And I´m gone.

My houseboat jewel

If the routing is not so clear at all, the selection of books must be organiced well. My used bookstore offered me two huge shelfs of old GDR paperbacks for one Euro each. I spent one hour digging around & found Jósef Hen & Nagib Machfus.

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Feed a vagabond with just one shirt

feed a vagabond with just one shirtTwo days left & I´ll say goodbye.

A traveler needs good weather, nice people & some bucks. Now you can help help with the bucks. Feed a vagabond with just one shirt.

Have a look at my spreadshirt shop. Choose a colour, your size and donate some bucks by ordering the shirt.

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kick off

The summer is coming, we have a economical crisis, its raining in germany.

I want to participate in the first one, only.  So I decided to travel. You´ll find me right behind you or in front of your door. I´ll start in germany, hitchhike south to switerland & austria to meet some old friends. Later I´ll go to north italy and south of france to arrive somehow in Marseille.

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