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Science on the road

Nothing new on the way to the west but now validated: Bust size and hitchhiking a field study.

To test the effect of a woman’s bust size on the rate of help offered, 1200 male and female French motorists were tested in a hitchhiking situation. A 20-yr.-old female confederate wore a bra which permitted variation in the size of cup to vary her breast size. She stood by the side of a road frequented by hitchhikers and held out her thumb to catch a ride. Increasing the bra-size of the female-hitchhiker was significantly associated with an increase in number of male drivers, but not female drivers, who stopped to offer a ride.


100$ a day?

The NY Times Travel Blog advises 100$ a day as travel budget for south Asia. Come on guys. With 100 Bucks a day you´re not traveling you´re on holiday! I´ll aks Denelle, but I thinks it´s a huge budget. And if you have 4000$ left, stay for a looong time, after reading Frugal traveler.

other vagabonds

I found a blog which is called vagabonding and tells the evolution of hitchhkiking in a slideshow and compiles the idea in one sentence:

But for others, like Aaron Bell, who has been hitchhiking around the world for seven years, hitchhiking is more than an option, it’s the main way to get around.

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