Café guide

coffee and cigarettesOf course I have played outdoor games. I once played dominoes in an open air cafe in Paris.

Oscar Wilde


aran | Marktstätte Constance | Franchise concept bread pleasure & coffee culture, well-looking & healthy snacks on the menu, self-service. [link]

Das Voglhaus | Wessenbergstr Constance | Awarded, stylish, fancy & still cozy. Take a seat at the window board. Fair-trade coffee, self-service. You´ll find edgy elements even on the toilett. [link]

Stein am Rhein

la p´tite creperie | Understadt Stein am Rhein | Are they sisters or lovers? Anyway this two girls run the petite creperie in a passionated and tasty way. Take a seat at the terrace, try a crêpe and later don´t miss the toilet book.


Piccolo Mondo | Pfarrgasse Winterthur | Enjoy a glass of wine or a coffee. The owner will sit inside, singing italian traditionals. [link]

le ciel bleu | Technikumstrasse winterthur | No tourists! Meet old men who explain switzerland to you, watch out the bunsh of italian guys, outstanding coffee.


Bella Vista |  Olberdorfstrasse Zurich | Expensive coffeehouse. well conducted, good wines, eminent coffee.

Café Odeon | Limmat Quai Zurich | Red leather armchair, canterbury, busy & subsided afternoons. Einstein, Lenin & Mussolini were regulars. [link]

Cafe Schwarzenbach | Münstergasse Zurich | Old colonial goods shop, smell the coffee roasters. [link]

Café Zähringer | Zähringerplatz Zurich | Self-governing since 1981, fair-trade & organic products, many students [link]

Emo bistro & wellness | predigerplatz zurich |  Come around for a chat and Ayurveda tea, free w-lan, 15% 10%  student discount. [link]


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