“For every traveller who has any taste of
his own, the only useful guidebook will
be the one which he himself has written.”

Aldous Huxley

After living for one year in Cairo I´m hitchhiking around europe. First I´ll go to Austria & Switzerland to meet some friends, Italy, south France for a short long break in Marseille to go on to Amsterdam.

feed a vagabond with just one shirt

A traveler needs good weather, nice people & some bucks. Now you can help help with the bucks. Feed a vagabond with just one shirt.

Have a look at my spreadshirt shop. Choose a colour, your size and donate some bucks by ordering the shirt.

My favorite is the 100% organic cotton shirt from American Apparel. But I´m open for your desire & I promise postcards! Thank you in the name of The Society of Vagabonds & Co.

My next destinations will be a Morocco & a welcome back tour to Egypt & Israel.

If you think we should meet up on my trip, write me an email ricocairo [at] googlemail [dot com].


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