on the road

Rick mirrow truck hitchiking caferick.tk

A little exercise to get used to be traveler again: hitchhiking about 100 km on the autobahn.

I start from a gas station and the second person I adressed takes me to the first roadhouse a long my way.

There I meet Florian, a young guy who is hitchhiking since Florence. We have a chat, a coffee & a cigarette. He´s jealous about my small rucksack, because I left things like a tent, sleepingbag & warm clothes at home.  Courageous, I know.

From the Aral station I take a ride with a unionist to the next Autobahn, were I get  caught for three hours. It´s a small restaurant and I did not know that there´s a huge McDonalds about ten kilometers away. Bad luck. But the next ride compensates everything!

Pavel truck driver hitchhiking caferick.tk

Pavel, my trucker, listening to AC/DC, offers me a cold czech beer. If you´re not from the states you know: from czech rep comes the best beer in the world. He makes coffee but his cups look like old teapots. I think he has everything in his truck but no dishwasher.

Thats it! I hope it´ll go on this way.

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