My houseboat jewel

If the routing is not so clear at all, the selection of books must be organiced well. My used bookstore offered me two huge shelfs of old GDR paperbacks for one Euro each. I spent one hour digging around & found Jósef Hen & Nagib Machfus.

His story “Chitchat on the Nile” buries a little jewel: yellowed articles from the official socialist east-german newspaper. Strange language, reports about brigade coffers and the coming victory of sicialism. The articles are from 1988.

The writter reports about a walk with Machfus around downtown cairo. Thats where I lived for one year! I also went to the tahir square to buy newspapers & to drink a good morning café.

The story is about some friends gattering together on a houseboat on the nil. I also spent some long nights on one of the boats but Cairo in the story around the hooker looks more liberal than the Cairo I have in my memory. Hashish shishas are still existing but over the husbanding with prostitutes & the nonchalant relations between girls and boys (who are not from a rich upper class family) lies the veil of bigotry in our days.

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