Lake Constance

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Around the station

The pine-veneer, the white pleather armchairs and the chandelier made out of cheap glass – everything looks rinse able. The owner offers Johnnie Walker Blue Label to a young girl and continues the negotiations in russian.

My Chardonnay is favorable, the service pronto and at six in the afternoon the cops show up to check if everything is in order.

I´m sure there´re so much worsen places to wait for your train. Even in Switzerland.

Science on the road

Nothing new on the way to the west but now validated: Bust size and hitchhiking a field study.

To test the effect of a woman’s bust size on the rate of help offered, 1200 male and female French motorists were tested in a hitchhiking situation. A 20-yr.-old female confederate wore a bra which permitted variation in the size of cup to vary her breast size. She stood by the side of a road frequented by hitchhikers and held out her thumb to catch a ride. Increasing the bra-size of the female-hitchhiker was significantly associated with an increase in number of male drivers, but not female drivers, who stopped to offer a ride.

Züri rollt

The best way to explore Zurich is to rent a bike. Actually it´s the cheapest, too. You can borrow Velos [the swiss-german word for bikes] for free.

zurich free bike

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Café guide

coffee and cigarettesThe vagabond turns into a bohemian when he enters a café. I saw many of them, reading, writing, drinking. So i decided to write a Café guide.

Miss music teacher of Winterthur

Your kids are wearing orange caps and combed haircuts. Standing around in a semicircle, some boys don´t know what do to with their hands. Moms & Dads are waiting beyond, on the other site of the pedestrian way, taking pictures, clapping hands after every song.

You´re  sitting on a electric piano, wearing a white blouse and so much passion in your eyes conducting your kids Vois sur ton chemin. You can´t read the music, turning your head around to cheer boys & girls with looks & props.

Miss music teacher, I catch one of your views, it´s a second too long till you turn your eyes down. I drop down the shades, you´re smiling at me with this choral of angels on your site. There is no other person around. Just you & me, and the back-round choir.

When the music is over, you turn on the light. I´m back on a promenade. Two hours later I´ll see a little wave of orange caps, holding ice cream in front of a coffee shop. You´re there, too, sitting with your parents like all your kids. And you smile when I pass by, Miss music teacher of Winterthur.

the taste of spain

For a slice of spanish Serrano ham I would do a lot of things. Change my route for example or use the car sharing agency instead of hitchhiking, just to be in time.

I can show my caipirinha skills, arrange the ham & have to wake up very early next morning.

Is it worth it?

Definitively! Yummy…